Hello and welcome to Emelie's TCG trade post!

Active TCGs

TCG Tradepost Last updated Status
2024-02-18 active
2023-12-30 hiatus
2024-03-01 active
2024-01-20 hiatus

Closed/inactive TCGs

Candycaps, Colorpop, Frames, Honey, Infinity, Petrichor, Shizen, The Works, Wonderland


Note that this list is not updated. I will update it properly soon!

Mods/Code By
easyTCG tradepost management script Link Bloo
Multi-card search, show cards as text, better eTCG and trade comments Link Caitlin
Easier trade binging, count masteries, count cards traded and more Link Danni
All mods Link Kriss
Show mastered decks Link Bloo
One deck per row/Show fillers Link Dite ?
Show massmasters Link Rizu
Level progress bar Link Jennifer
Show text under cards Link Joey
Cross-reference/searchbar in needed page Koinuko

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